About me

I have been involved in sport since I was a child: firstly as a handball player, playing for 13 years in Poland, Spain and France, now analysing the sport from a business perspective.

I work professionally as a consultant in the strategic consulting company A.T. Kearney, where we provide services for global companies from various sectors of the economy by dealing with strategic and operational issues, such as: transformation of companies, strategies for new market entry, product strategies, M&A, cost optimization, etc.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology and then I obtained a master’s degree in business in the SKEMA Business School in Nice, France.

About blog

The idea of this blog is to combine my passion for sport and the work I do on a daily basis. I decided to share my views and insights on how strategic thinking and analysis can translate into a market area that seems to be mainly driven by emotions.

I will not limit myself to discussing a specific sport, but the common denominator of the articles is the use of my business and analytical experience to reveal strategic, financial and technological patterns, i.e. providing the big picture of what is often overlooked in articles. During the analysis, I will use market reports of consulting companies (e.g. A.T. Kearney, BCG, McKinsey, Bain, Deloitte, EY, KPMG, Nielsen, Portas Consulting, Two Circles etc.), conclusions from sports conferences (e.g. MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, World Football Summit, Sports Trade etc.) and other sports-related materials.

The issues that I address in my blog fill a niche in the Polish and global market, which lacks articles on similar problems, especially in sport.

The materials will be posted in Polish and English.

Should you have any questions or wish to join the discussion, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The information and analyses presented here are exclusively my private opinions.